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By | May 29, 2021

Be a horror clown grand Auto gangster Theft to rob banks

Are you ready for the Crime city thrilling gangster gameplay with a new concept of open-world gangster theft game? The story of this grand horror auto gangster survival crime city game is the scary gangster clown was a happy and honest citizen and his brother was agent of crime mafia and street racer in a bank robbery he shot by the police the mafia gangster and cheats blame him that the Robert the scary clown gangster was involved in this crime city police chase and sent him to jail. Now he is out in this gangster crime city to take his revenge from crime mafia, cheats, and gangs. Now the horror grand gangster is fully trained grand theft. In this crime city gangster games, you have access to the gun shop and you are an expert in machine guns, RPGs, Sniper Rifles, and shotguns.


Robert hides his identity and becomes a scary clown city gangster. Lots of missions like car driving looted the criminals and cheats kill the gangster mafia. In this horror grand gangster survival crime simulator different missions of auto theft games, you have to complete the arsenal of weapons be a real gangster shoot the innocent citizens and steal their cars take a fight with the citizens, police, gangs and cheats you are a trained fighter use your fighting skills like fight with punches, kicks, flying kicks, and karate skills defeat the opponents and earn money to enjoy the grand theft games in the grand city. If you love to play crime games in the grand city then you will also enjoy this scary clown grand theft missions game. In this game, survival is compulsory to be aware of the gangster attacks. Stay safe when you take a fight with the police because if they chase you then they will kill you. Earn money make business and deal with the crime city gangsters shootdown the gangsters godfathers. This is a gang war between crime gangsters and you. Become the boss of the mafia with our cheats and codes or remain a worthless hijacker.

In this scary clown pennywise crime mafia simulator grand action game fight to survive and live as you like enjoy the gangster combats defeat the deadly criminals. Select the avatar from the garage to start the thrilling street crime missions make money become the boss of the crime city. Grand city battle: scary clown gangster auto theft game is available on Google Play Download and enjoy the gangster game with scary clown gangster.

Win the gangsters in the city: an action game full of guns, autos and police!

Become the grand gangster of the mafia. You are a bully and an auto thief and you must get survival in the city. Every crime is full of action, guns, shootings… Will you succeed in every mission?

The police is always chasing you and your gang. Go over the streets of the town and find cops in every corner: they are your shooting target. Use the most appropriate weapons to kill them and continue your 3D crime theft. As a real bully in the town, you must be always vigilant and ready for action.
The key for survival in the city is to steal all cars or motorcycles you will find along the streets. With all these cars, you will win speed driving and your danger as a criminal will be higher.
Besides an auto thief, you are the grand and best sniper of the mafia. Your gang is also involved with drugs trouble so you are the focus of the police. All the city is looking at you so must be clever than them and achieve the survival.

This game is a life mobile 3D simulator so the level of action, speed and reality is huge. Look for the best car to use and steal everything you can. You can also choose from a variety of weapons, guns so that your shooting target will be caught and killed. Become the most dangerous auto thief in the world.
A calm city and urban streets become a real and grand battleground so every pedestrian can be a cop so you must shoot and kill everybody. You shouldn’t look like a gangster so thefts will be easier. People have to trust you and then… you commit the crime. Drive all kind of cars to be the quickest gangster and bully in the city.

Speed and perfect driving an shooting skills will be all you need to win the battle and every crime mission. Weapons and cars are your biggest treasure. Open world scene mode is free and highly realistic.
When you survive a mission, the next one will be more dangerous and difficult. Mafia, gangs and gangster are the enemy of police so you must do your best. When you have the right weapon or gun and your shoot your target, the victory is closer. You will go into ghettos and thefts crimes there will be scaring. But an auto thief is brave and have to survive as well in difficult times and places.

Within the Mafia you are a famous grand sniper and auto thief you will be in charge of the most difficult theft missions. You can collaborate with other bullies but don´t be confused with bullies and police, thieves and cops.

Grand Auto Gangster – Real Theft Crime Simulator is a 3D mobile free open world game. It´s full of action, adventure, motorbikes, snipers and thugs. Gangster’s real life is not easy at all. As a bully and thief, as a member of the mafia, you are one of the most wanted person in the town. Every person can be your enemy. It´s a grand and real war.
This war simulator has fast and free options. Open world action and shooting is so realistic. You are going to believe you are a real gangster and mafia thief.

Ready for the grand action in the city? Ready for shooting, thefts and police killing? Let´s go!

Horror Grand Gangster Survival Crime Simulator Features:

-Become expert fighter against crazy gangster idle mafia groups.
-Enjoy the double role. Do some crimes too. Enjoy police crime chase adventure.
-Challenging roles to perform and difficult levels to defeat idle mafia villains.
-Best 3D graphics with realistic fighting game animations.
-Easy controls

Immerse into 3D gangster thug city to perform real street grand theft missions.

Let’s move into the world of Auto Crime Miami Gangster Thug City to involve in some real street crime missions. Be aware of the open world of the Miami gangster’s heist to make stealthy & grand theft. On the roads of thug city, you are allowed to do the mafia crime activities as you are the master of gangster’s thug life. Grand gangster’s hordes are trying to get control on the Miami thug city empire but you are the ruler of underworld mafia so become lord of the grand city by fighting & shooting.

Puts the dark & intriguing world of the criminals in your fingertips and let start to roam into the ruthless city. Police also trying to stop the invading gang but your guts are enough for them. Stop the criminal piles by stealing gangster’s car & evading cops by performing vehicle theft mission. There is no safe place in the town to live because everywhere the criminals are roaming liberally for robbery act. You are the honest gangster and need to save the thug city from criminals. You know very well about all the heist action strategies to show the criminals that you are the best gangster’s robber. Take out your armory to knock out the dangerous crime lords.

Bring back the peace of Auto Crime Miami Gangster Thug City back by invading the crime mafia mobsters. Take advantage of mafia criminal’s weapon, steal all the armory and shoot them in their territory. They are just debasement the harmony of real gangster’s street so, run through the ostentatious streets of Miami to rescue the civilians. Experience the different survival missions to meet the secret agent in the city and deliver the message of auto theft lords. Relish the thrilling gangster thug life in the city of crimes by upgrading your lethal weapons.

Challenging Gameplay:
• select character from 3 Different characters to indulge in thug city crimes
• Mini Map direct you towards the gang lords in the city
• Collect cash & bananas on your way during a mission
• Unlock & upgrade weapons to fight with offenders
• Character customization also entertain your journey in Miami city
• Get into any auto to reach on the destination in a short time
• Check the health bar during shooting mission to survive
• Accomplish all challenging missions to become gangster thug

Features of Auto Crime Miami Gangster Thug City:
• The marvelous 3D environment of Miami thug city
• Incredible & High-quality Graphics
• Intuitive & Smooth controls
• Action Music & real life sound effects
• Mind blowing visual effects of Miami city
• Multiple characters to select the best one
• Upgrade weapons & armory
• Multiple missions to play


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