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By | June 4, 2021

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Are you looking for Life Insurance Policy that will suit your needs the best?A

re you looking for the Life Insurance Policy that will suit your needs the best?A life insurance plan which secures your family’s financial independence against death, disease and disability with plan options.


You will find tips and knowledge to understand what kind of life insurance that you need.These two types of life insurance fall under the blanket of permanent life insurance.


Unlike term insurance which guarantees a death benefit payout during a specified time period—permanent policies provide lifetime coverage. If, for whatever reason, you want to cancel your permanent life policy, you will get your cash value in hand and can use it as needed, for example, at the time of emergency.

Our prime motto is to make insurance policies easily understandable and simpler for our customers.

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It is our persistent assistance that will pave the way to find the best insurance policies provided by a reputed firm.Life policies are legal contracts and the terms of the contract describe the limitations of the insured events. Specific exclusions are often written into the contract to limit the liability of the insurer; common examples are claims relating to suicide, fraud, war, riot, and civil commotion.

Whole life insurance caters to long-term goals, offering consumers consistent premiums and guaranteed cash value accumulation. Universal life insurance gives consumers flexibility in the premium payments, death benefits, and the savings element of their policy.PolicyBazaar is India’s biggest online insurance comparison platform which allows you to compare & buy from a wide range of Life Insurance Plans like, Term Insurance Plans, Investment Plans (ULIP, Child Plans, Retirement Plans, Pension Plans & Tax Saving Investment); Medical Insurance or Health Insurance Plans; Motor Insurance Plans (Two wheeler Insurance/Bike Insurance and Car Insurance) and Travel Insurance Plans. PolicyBazaar provides full claim support and helps you if you have any issues with our insurance partners.

There are a number of good insurance companies in the market but with their own pros and cons. Some suites to specific segments of society and circumstance. It’s hard to compare at one glance and pick the most suitable to you in all aspects.In this app, we will discuss the following topics:• Universal Life Insurance and How to Know if it’s the Choice for You• What’s the Difference Between Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance?• Indexed Universal Life Insurance – Is it a Risk?• Disadvantages of Getting Universal Life Insurance• How Universal Life Insurance Works• What Type of Life Insurance Policy Should You Get• Insurance Policies – Which Is Right For You?• Comparing Life Insurance Policies• Different Types of Life Insurance Coverage ExplainedA little explanation of Life Insurance:The primary purpose for getting life insurance will always be to protect the people you care about in case something were to happen to you. How much capital would you need in order to pay off debts, support your loved ones, or to take care of all your affairs?After you understand what priorities you would like to protect through life insurance it is fairly easy to determine the correct amount of coverage.Life insurance is something that everybody will need at some point but unless you work in the insurance industry or are close to somebody that does, what do you actually know about the types of life insurance policies that are available to you? The answer to that question is more than likely ‘not a lot’, and why should you? Insurance is not something that is explained in school or college and in most cases where the need for it comes up it is due to a mandatory requirement, such as if you wish to start driving car. Life insurance on the other hand can often be something that is more optional than mandatory.

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Access to Policy Information, Data Updates & Customer Service of PT AJ Central Asia Raya

It is a customer service application that makes it easier for customers to obtain policy information, update data and communicate online to PT AJ Central Asia Raya’s Customer Service center (LanCAR).

Through this iCARe application, it is easy for prospective customers and customers to:
1. Updating data, such as changes in correspondence address, email address and telephone number.
2. Get information related to policy data for 24 hours online including the Value of Investment unit link policies every day.
3. Communication with Customer Service Staff through service tickets and can monitor the process of changing the policy submitted.
4. Obtain general and special information and documents through the application (information on claim terms & documents).
5. Information about the latest products from CAR.
For further information, please contact CAR Customer Service staff (LanCAR) at 021 56961929 or through the website

Insurance Policy Services market place -compare, buy, renew & claims servicesInsuremile is one India’s online insurance policy comparison and policy claims services platform which allows you to compare & buy from a wide range of car insurance, bike insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, health insurance, Life Insurance Plans, Term Insurance Plans, Investment Plans we are partnered with 24 insurance companies and 110 plans. Insuremile provides full claim support and helps you if you have any issues with our insurance partner.

By using our app, you can quickly purchase or renew any insurance plan with just a few clicks. And, what makes Insuremile mobile app a must-have is that it comes with key features of Hospital Locator, towing center, repair center, parking lots, petrol station, traffic, and Cashless Garage Locator that prove to be essential for health insurance and motor insurance holders, respectively.Highlights:Instant Car, Two-wheeler Insurance, health and life insurance policies.Enter details about your car or bike, get exclusive prices, pay online and receive your car insurance/two-wheeler insurance policy instantly!No PaperworkOur technical acumen is directed towards making insurance customer-friendly. No to paperwork, Yes to convenience.Zero-hassle ClaimsIn case of minor damages, we offer instant claim settlement. And for major ones, all you have to do is inform our claims team and they will do the rest.Track Claim StatusYou can track your claim status in the app to stay updated. With Acko, you can rest assured; your vehicle is in safe hands.

Free QuotesGet online car and bike insurance quotes on our app for free. Whether you want to buy insurance for your new bike or renew the insurance policy of your car, you can have a look at our free quotes and then make up your mind.Compare CoversWe offer third-party coverage, comprehensive plans, Add-ons, as well as long-term insurance. You can select from a range of plans, compare covers individually based on the premium charged, and then choose the best-suited car insurance/two-wheeler insurance option.All-time Policy Document AccessAccess your policy document anytime, anywhere, with this app.

You can check your policy’s coverage, expiry date, etc. in one look. This online policy is a completely valid document.

IGI Life Vitality Health Application for Health Insurance Users

IGI Life Insurance Ltd is a flagship enterprise of the Packages Group. We have been awarded “AA” IFS rating by PACRA for 9 consecutive years authenticating our financial strength and stability. IGI Life Health Sure offers a managed care solution to corporate clients and organizations to provide healthcare needs backed by professional staff, financial strength and insurance experience accumulated over a period of fifty years.
IGI Life has always endeavored to bring convenience, efficiency and transparency to its customers through innovative solutions. IGI Life Health Insurance is now introducing Health Application for its customers to provide health insurance on their fingertips.

You can find following key features of this app:

  1. Access Health Insurance Card Digitally
  2. Review Policy Benefits
  3. View Claim Status
  4. View Panel Hospital List
  5. 24/7 Call Center services of IGI Life

Compare & Get Insurance : IAssure is India’s Fastest Emerging Online Platform.

IAssure is India’s Fastest Emerging online insurance comparison platform which allow you to compare & get insurance instantly. We got wide range of products viz. Two Wheeler insurance plans, car insurance plans ,Term Insurance Plans, Life Insurance Plans, Child Plans, Pension plans, tax saving investment, Retirement plans, Medical or Health Insurance plans and Travel Insurance Plans.

IAssure is best known for its support in claim settlement. IAssure provides full support in claim settlement if you have any issue with our insurance partners. IAssure do have separate team for claim related help.

IAssure App helps you to compare and buy policies with a few clicks. Our best feature is Quick Renew, at quick renew IAssure does all the work for you and provide you list of best suitable quotes for comparison with minimum required information.
The Primary Features of the IAssure app are listed below (Know what IAssure can do for you):

  1. Compare: IAssure is connected with almost every insurance company and provides you the quotation of all companies for the same policy which help you to compare features and prices before buying policy.
  2. Quick Renew: You can instantly compare and buy policy with a single click. For example, take a photo of your existing policy and upload it for instant comparison of your new policy. IAssure does all the work for you.
  3. All At One Place: You can buy. Store and share your policies at IAssure. IAssure manage and keep your all policies at one place and keep them safe for you. Next time you don’t have to look for papers when you urgently need any insurance policy, we will do that for you.
  4. Claim Support: Hassle-free claim assistance to put you at ease, once you buy an insurance policy. We not only help you to purchase the best insurance plan but also make sure that the best policy with a great customer experience is provided to you.
  5. Hospital & Garage Locator: You can search a network hospital in your vicinity by entering the city or locate a garage based upon the make of your car. Just turn on your GPS and we will help you with directions.
  6. Premium Calculator: Our motor insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and health Insurance premium calculator enables you to calculate the premium payable for various insurance policies.
  7. FAQ: A huge information based on insurance will be shared to you.

Have you ever been in a situation where something unfortunate and unexpected happened and you end up in desperate need of cash? Needless to say, the situation itself is already unsettling for most of us. Unfortunately for some, this is what happens in real life.

Luckily, buying insurance is the best thing you can do to have financial coverage when and if these unfortunate events occur. Protect yourself and the ones you care about by being prepared for a rainy day, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

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Insurance Tips and Guide app provides you with the best financial info and tips when it comes to purchasing your first policy. This app provides users with the essentials of how to save money and the what’s and why’s of insurance. Learn the many types of insurance policies so you will be able to choose the best ones for you.

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